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Graduating Student Workers

The last day a graduating Tulane student worker can work is June 30, 2010.

The only position a graduating Tulane student worker can have after June 30, 2010 is as a Staff Employee.

Temporary Staff Employees

Are employees who are hired to work for less than seven months

Are covered under University’s Freeze Plan and require dean and senior officer approval unless full funded by 5-ledger funds

Positions fully funded by 5-ledger funds are exempt from the Freeze Plan

Hiring does not require OIE approval

Staff employees must be 18 years old or older except for jobs in Athletics and Campus Recreation

Steps to Hire a Temporary Staff Employee Who Has Been Already Selected

  1. Get approval from department’s dean and senior officer to create a temp position
  2. Obtain position control number from Budget Office
  3. Prepare Personnel Request Form (PRF):
    1. Check “search waiver to be requested”
    2. Attach job description/paragraph describing the work to be performed
    3. Attach justification to create the temporary position with approvals
    4. Put name of person to be hired in the remarks section of the PRF
    5. Order background check through WFMO

      a.  Temporary Staff cannot start work until background check is clear

    6. Prepare PAF once PRF has been routed and approved

      a.  Start date should be a Friday so employee can attend orientation and complete payroll information



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