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The Compensation Section administers the compensation and classification functions for the university, which consists of the following:

  • Market analysis of jobs
  • Staff position pay grade assignment
  • Review and determination of reclassification requests
  • Maintenance of the university’s salary structure
  • Determination of exempt or nonexempt status relative to the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Review and approval of job descriptions
  • Providing sound compensation and classification guidance to departments or administration

The Records Section exists to serve as the official gatekeeper for faculty and staff employment files and performs the following functions:

  • Creation and maintenance of all faculty and staff files
  • Review and processing of all university requests/forms affecting an individual’s employment, which include, but are not limited to:  Personnel Request Forms (PRF), Payroll Action Forms (PAF), I-9s, Payroll/Personnel Information Forms, tax forms, Proprietary Agreement Forms, job descriptions, resumes, etc.
  • Auditing and adjusting employee vacation and sick leave accruals, as appropriate

Requests for assistance from either the Compensation or Records Section personnel are handled or acknowledged within 24 hours of request receipt.


Quarterly Reclassification Committee Meetings

The next quarterly meeting of the Reclassification Committee will take place in June. Questions should be directed to Compensation Administration at 247-1714 or 247-1715.


Quarterly Reclassification Committee

The Reclassification Committee is comprised of senior administrators and meets once quarterly to consider reclassification requests submitted by departments. 

A job reclassification is defined as a position adjustment which occurs when an existing, budgeted position’s job content has significantly changed (e.g. more than 15%).

Any department requesting a reclassification of an employee’s position should submit the following to their dean or respective Senior Officer for approval: 


1. Employee’s name, current title, and current salary

2. Employee’s current job description and a revised job description with new or additional duties


3. Proposed new title

4. Current departmental organization chart

5. Revised departmental organization chart proposed, post-reclassification

6. Written justification for the reclassification, which includes:

1) The proposed funding source for any salary adjustments to be

made to the employee’s salary and

2) The department’s basis of assumption for the new salary.

 If the Dean and Senior Officer approves the reclassification request, s/he will forward the request and attendant paperwork to WFMO Compensation Administration.  All complete reclassification requests (documentation and approvals) must be received by Compensation Administration no later Monday, May 24, for consideration by the committee at the June meeting. WFMO Compensation Administration provides complete document packets to the committee one week in advance to allow ample time for committee members to review materials submitted.


All approved reclassification requests will be returned to WFMO for completion of the review by WFMO Compensation Administration.  Documentation will also be reviewed and approved by the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).


The requesting department will be notified of the Reclassification Committee approval and the impending review by OIE.  Departments will be notified by WFMO Compensation Administration of those reclassification requests that are not approved.








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