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This is a comprehensive course covering protozoa which infect humans. The basic biology of these protozoa, as well as the clinical manifestations of the diseases they cause, will be discussed. Life cycles, morphological features, host-parasite interactions, geographical distribution, reservoir hosts, methods of transmission and control, pathology, immunological aspects and diagnosis will be covered. The biological and clinical perspectives gained in this course will assist students in the recognition, evaluation and management of public health problems or clinical practice involving medically important protozoa.

Lectures are given on Wednesday and Friday afternoons during Session II at 1:00-3:00 of the fall semester (see class schedules for room assignment updates and call numbers and see campus map for location of Tidewater Building). This course follows the Medical Helminthology course in the same time slot.


Lecture Topics Chapters
1 What are Protozoa?
  Protozoan Cell and Molecular Biology  
2 Giardiasis 2,4
  Other lumenal protozoa (Trichomoniasis, Balantidiosis, Blastocystis, Dientamoeba) 5-6
3 Amebiasis  2-3
4 African Trypanosomiasis  7-8
5 Chagas' Disease  9
6 Leishmaniasis  10
  Midterm Exam  
7 Plasmodium 15
8 Pathophysiology of Malaria
  Epidemiology and Transmission of Malaria
  Distinguishing Plasmodium species
9 Chemotherapy and Drug Resistance
  Babesia 16
10 Coccidia 12-13 
11 Toxoplasma and Sarcocytis 14
  Free-Living Protozoa 17
  Intracellular Protozoa 11
  Comprehensive Final Exam  

Lecture links are to Study Guides. Chapters refer to the recommended textbook (Protozoa and Human Disease by Mark F. Wiser). Additional course related material and powerpoint files are available on Blackboard.

PDF file of class syllabus

Recommended Textbook

Protozoa and Human Disease by Mark F. Wiser, Taylor and Francis Group. More information and ordering available from Garland Science and Amazon. Also available in Medical School Bookstore.

Instructor: Mark F. Wiser, Ph.D.
Room 2224 Tidewater
Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 1:30-3:30
(or by appointment)

Supplemental Texts on reserve in the Medical School Library located on the second floor of the Medical School (1430 Tulane Avenue).

Atlas of Human Parasitology, 4th edition, by Ash and Orihel. ASCP Press, 1997.

Color Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology by Peters and Gilles. Mosby-Wolfe, 1995.

Basic Clinical Parasitology, 6th ed. by Neva and Brown. Appleton & Lange, 1994.

Parasitic Diseases, 4th ed. by Despommier, Gwadz, Hotez and Knirsch. Apple Trees Production, 2000.

Human Parasitology, 2nd ed. by Bogitsh and Cheng. Academic Press, 1998.

Markell and Voge's Medical Parasitology, 8th ed. by Markell, John, and Krotoski. Saunders, 1999.

Protozoal Diseases, edited by Herbert M. Gilles. Oxford University Press, 1999.

Tropical Infectious Diseases: Principles, Pathogens, and Practice, by Guerrant, Walker, and Weller. Churchill Livingstone, 1999.

Essentials of Tropical Infectious Diseases, by Guerrant, Walker and Weller. Churchill Livingstone, 2001.

Exams and Grades

A midterm and a comprehensive final exam will be given over the lecture material. The format of these lecture exams will be multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank. Grading is as follows:

Midterm Exam 80 points  
Final Exam 120 points  

Protozoology Home Course Syllabus Other Courses and Lectures Wiser Home

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