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Public Service Graduation Requirement

The Center for Public Service administers the Public Service requirement of the undergraduate core curriculum. The guiding principle of the Center includes the belief that public service, rooted in an academic context while growing into other areas of service, contributes to the development of student civic engagement.

The undergraduate Public Service graduation requirement is grounded in a sustained sequence of learning articulated by the Center's mission. Instituting a cumulative and reflective graduation requirement makes explicit the ideal that education uniting public service and scholarship can be a transformative experience.

To complete the Public Service graduation requirements students must:

  • Successfully complete one service learning course (at the 1000 – 3000 level) no later than the fifth semester of full-time enrollment at Tulane.
  • Satisfy the second-tier public service graduation requirement after the first-tier service learning course is completed, and once the student has attained sophomore standing. Students must participate in one of the following Center for Public Service approved programs at the 3000 level or above:
  • Service learning course
  • Academic service learning internship
  • Faculty-sponsored public service research project
  • Public service honors thesis project
  • Public service-based international study abroad program.
  • Capstone experience with public service component

Public Service in the Academy

The Center for Public Service manages curricular as well as extra-curricular service activities. Students may receive credit towards their graduation requirements for a variety of public service activity options. Students are also invited to engage in volunteer activities that serve the community. Click to enlarge illustration.

Public Service Schematic

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