student health insurance plan (SHIP)

Tulane-Tailored Insurance
The Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offers access to both New Orleans area healthcare providers and on-campus services as well as simplified billing and convenient on-campus prescription pickup.

Same coverage options. New waiver process.
While we recommend that Tulane students enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), we understand that some students will prefer to waive enrollment in favor of alternative coverage. This year, Tulane has partnered with Gallager Student Health & Special Risk to verify student coverage online. Simply demonstrate equivalent or better coverage to waive.

A Wealth of Providers, Here and Worldwide
Some out-of-state and international health insurance plans may lack coverage in the New Orleans area. SHIP ensures access to a wealth of providers in New Orleans, including the city's major hospitals and a wide array of specialists. SHIP also covers students when they travel, so they're covered at home and abroad.


SHIP Premium and Important Links


Full-Time Students

Coupled with your Student Health and Wellness Fee, SHIP covers visits to Tulane's on-campus Health Center--including the cost of medical supplies, laboratory tests, and examination fees. Students covered by SHIP also have access to on-campus prescription fulfillment.

All full-time Tulane students are required to carry health insurance coverage equal to or greater than the University requirements. The Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a platinum-level plan compliant with the Affordable Care Act, provided in collaboration with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). It can be used as a primary health insurance plan or may supplement a student's existing family insurance plan.

Each year, full-time students must take an action to either enroll in the UHCSR plan or waive enrollment* by providing proof of other adequate coverage by the posted deadlines each academic year. A courtesy reminder with dates will be sent to your student's Tulane email account.

  1. Review your current insurance plan to ensure your student is covered for emergency and non-emergency care in the New Orleans area.
  2. Read about the UHCSR policy. (PDF)
  3. The student must meet these requirements in order to waive. Read about waiver requirements.
  4. Take action: enroll or waive enrollment. 

*Failure to complete the waiver process by the posted deadlines will result in automatic enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan, and the premium will be charged to the student's Accounts Receivable.

You should find the website to be self-explanatory. However, do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Insurance Department at 504-865-5256 with questions or concerns. 


Part-Time Students

Part-time, dissertation, executive program, part-time professional students and previously enrolled dependents are not automatically enrolled in SHIP. If these students would like to obtain the UHCSR coverage, they must enroll online within the posted deadlines using the link for part-time students. Click here for more information.


International Students

International Students holding a J1 or F1 student visa must complete an online waiver of student insurance if you are covered by insurance that meets or exceeds the Tulane University requirements. Travel Plans/Policies do not qualify for a waiver. Click here for more information.


Other UHCSR Plan Information


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