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The Ephraim Lisitzky Memorial Award

Established in 1989, this award is granted to a student of exceptional achievement in the study of Hebrew language and Jewish history, culture, and religion.

Nicole J. Etsekson, 2013-2014
Jacob H. Harris, 2013-2014
Ronald Kanter, 2012-2013
Benjamin L. Samuels, 2012-2013
Celia H. Feuer, 2011-2012
Mitchell S. Greenberg, 2011-2012
Scott Berger, 2010-2011
Lani B. Mendelson, 2010-2011

The Dr. Bernard Kaufman Essay Contest Award

The Dr. Bernard Kaufman Essay award goes to the undergraduate with the best essay. This essay can be on any topic related to Jewish Studies.

Andrew S. Gaynor, 2013-2014
Eli J. Kamerow, 2012-2013
Kayla W. Green, 2011-2012
Eli C. Klarman, 2010-2011

The Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter and Julie Kanter Award

This award is presented to a student who distinguishes himself/herself in the Jewish Studies Program.

Erin D. Albert, 2013-2014
Alexandra P. Cohen, 2013-2014
Lara E. Cohen, 2013-2014
Nathan Jablow, 2012-2013
Emily L. Seyburn, 2012-2013
Robert S. Kurman, 2011-2012
Allison H. Marmon, 2011-2012
Mark N. Belkin, 2010-2011
David A. Gordon, 2010-2011


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