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Jewish Studies Award Ceremony

On Wednesday, April 30, the Jewish Studies Department awarded several students for the achievement they displayed in their academic careers as a Jewish Studies major or minor. The event took place in the Jewish Studies house. All Jewish Studies majors and minors were invited to the event and celebrated with cookies and treats. Thank you to all who attended. Please check out the video below!


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"Remember" by Taylor Cohen '13

This short film called "Remember" was crafted by one of our students, Tulane freshman Taylor Cohen, currently enrolled (Spring 2014) in Prof. Mullins' Holocaust class (JWST-3440 "Holocaust in Film and Literature). She created the film last year, as a part of her senior project for her High School. We wanted to share this incredible student work with you, as, indeed, it is something we should remember.Here is some information that Taylor offered about the film and her motivation, in her own words: "The film was part of a bigger installation for a project senior year where there were portraits and information about the holocaust and visually. I am 18, I went to Israel 2 years ago on a group trip and went to YadVashem and it caught my attention so much that I just wanted to learn more and understand it better. I came to realize when it was time to do our big projects at my high school, The Ross School, that I had to pick something meaningful to me that I was willing to put in time and effort and the survivor stories was the one that stuck out to me. I had to first do some basic research of the Holocaust and then find survivors that were willing to share their stories. Everyone I had asked agreed to talk about it, some had been telling their stories for decades and some had only started talking about it in the past couple of years. One survivor was my piano teacher and I had known her since I was 5. I loved her and had a strong appreciation for her but never knew she was a survivor until I told her about my project. The other survivors were family friends parents, my grandparents best friends, and a woman I met at temple who is an unbelievable artist. It was a 6 month project and I had help from many others. My advisor was a film teacher so he helped me with the technical bits and then I soon hired a girl my age to be help with the composing of the film."


Check out the film here.

About Taylor Cohen:

GetFileAttachmentI am currently planning on majoring in marketing in the business school and either minoring in Jewish Studies or Social Entrepreneurship. I am from Southampton, New York. Tulane interested me from the start because of its location near a culturally intriguing city full of diversity and music and because it still had a campus in which many were from the Northeast but many were from other places as well. This, I knew, would comfort be because I would be familiar with the people but would still allow me to get out of my comfort zone and meet others not similar to me. My first year has been filled with amazing new experiences and friends. I have loved my classes, especially the Holocaust through Film and Literature class because I had always been interested in the Holocaust but had only done my own research and interviewed survivors. This class has taught me beyond my research and knowledge of it and I now better understand the history of it. I am also currently in an American Judaism class, which is sort of interrelated with my holocaust class because we learn about Immigration from Europe to America before, during, and after WWI and WWII. The JWST classes at Tulane allow me to take classes about my Jewish heritage that I had never previously known before and because of its location in Hillel, I love eating breakfast before class and then lunch after class in the building. The building's essence and the class structure of only a certain amount of students allow me to feel like I am in a small high school class again which gives me the ability to ask any questions and discuss with the class what we have just previously learned.

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