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Goals for Undergraduate Education

Tulane's Jewish Studies Program gives students a thorough understanding of the social, cultural and intellectual processes through which people lend meaning and importance to their lives. Its underlying premise is that the Jewish experience throughout history is an important illustration of the experience of all of humanity.

Through intellectual observation and study of the Jews, we gain insight into the human condition -- into the problems that face all peoples and social groups. We attempt to understand the choices they make in confronting and overcoming these human dilemmas. This means that the study of Jews and Judaism is not parochial nor doctrinaire. It is an attempt, through the study of one group, to understand the inner dynamics of all human life.


Goals for Alumni

The ability to function responsibly and effectively in social and professional settings depends upon a broad intellectual background and a keen awareness of the potentials of one's self and of others. Since Jewish Studies makes use of a wide range of scholarly approaches in order to explore the nature of the human condition, it provides an effective background for individuals interested in diverse career options -- the social sciences, business law, medicine and government. In fact, many students choose Jewish Studies as a double major along with such fields as pre-law, pre-med, areas of the sciences as well as other programs within the humanities.

At the same time, a major in Jewish studies prepares the student for a variety of careers within the Jewish community -- in education, social work or agency administration, for example. Jewish Studies also provides a solid background for those who wish to continue in areas of Jewish learning, either within graduate programs in Judaism or religion, or in rabbinical seminaries.

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