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Jewish Studies represents an interdisciplinary approach to thinking and learning, enabling students to incorporate subject matter and modes of inquiry from across the university. Our courses cover the breadth of the Jewish experience, equipping students for future success by emphasizing communication skills, critical thinking, and writing. Through the study of the Jewish people from multiple perspectives, our aim is to provide an important lens for understanding the inner dynamics of the human experience.  

                                                                – Michael Cohen




Michael Cohen, Chair,
Jewish Studies Department


About Jewish Studies

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Jewish Studies brings together subject matter and approaches from across the university. Our classes employ historical investigation to acquire knowledge of the Jews’ past; sociological analysis to find patterns of Jewish behavior and social interaction; and philosophical examination to explore the work of Jewish thinkers and interpret texts, both sacred and secular. In our attempt to gain insight into Judaism and the Jewish people, Tulane’s program draws from political science, economics, literature, film, art, music, archaeology, religious studies, and other fields.

Expansive Knowledge

Our courses explore the totality of the Jewish experience, beginning with the Hebrew Bible and the foundations of Judaism laid in the ancient world, through the vital debates of medieval thought and the challenges of the early modern world. With a historical foundation, our program then places particular emphasis on the modern period, examining the dynamism of European Jewish culture; the tragedy of the Holocaust; the creation of and contemporary life in the state of Israel; and the development of religious, secular, and cultural expressions in America. We also offer Hebrew language courses, as well as study abroad programs in Israel and the Czech Republic, and the Mandel-Palagye Summer Program for Middle East Peace.

Career Foundations

By developing skills of communication, critical thinking, and writing, Jewish Studies equips our graduates for success in a wide range of career opportunities. Our alumni have become doctors, lawyers, academics, and entrepreneurs. They have also found employment in finance, entertainment, aviation, technology and start-ups, while some have gone on to careers in the rabbinate or community service.


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