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Message from the Dr. Horowitz

Jewish Studies continues to thrive at Tulane. In recent years, we have seen an increase of majors and minors and a sharp rise in the number students taking our courses. We have added many new courses to our curriculum and attracted talented, world-class scholars. We continue to shape the minds of our eager students and to bestow awards upon the best of our brilliant young students. In addition, our wonderful Dr. L. Joseph Cahn Library continues to grow thanks to several munificent donations. Our generous supporters, the Friends of Jewish Studies, help us to educate the community about the importance of Jewish Studies. For all of these things and to all of the people who have contributed to our development and successes, we express our sincerest gratitude.

In looking to expand our vision, we need the support of our friends. While we have struggled to create the dynamic, developing program that we now have, we aspire to greater heights. For example, we wish to increase our course offerings and expand our services to our students and to the community. We want to reach out to our alumni, friends, and supporters -- not just meeting their needs but anticipating them. We want to move forward by creating exciting programs, courses, and events that enrich Jewish life in all its aspects and show that Jewish civilization is vibrant and fully present in our lives. These are tasks not just for one person, but tasks of the entire community. Together, we can help the Jewish Studies Program at Tulane to reach its potential: to become a premier center for Jewish learning.

Specific aims of the program:

  • Expand faculty both in size and expertise
  • Maximize the effectiveness of our outreach, extra-curricular, study abroad, internship, and adult education programs
  • Increase the size and quality of the Dr. L. Joseph Cahn Library
  • Develop an Israeli Studies Program
  • Develop a Center for the Study of the Holocaust

Specific needs of the program:

  • Faculty Hiring
  • Faculty Research and Development
  • Library Development
  • Conferences and Lectures

How you can help us grow
If you would like to help us achieve our goals, please consider making a donation to our program and/or becoming a member of one of our many Friends of Jewish Studies groups around the country. For more information, please call Director Brian Horowitz at 504-862-3075 or e-mail

Tulane University Jewish Studies Dept., 7031 Freret St. New Orleans, LA 70118 (504)-865-5000