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Ling Lunch is a graduate-student run colloquium series that brings together graduate students and faculty to discuss ongoing research works within the Tulane community. With discussions centering around diverse areas of linguistics such as syntax, phonology, sociolinguistics, dialectology, hip hop linguistics, historical linguistics, and neurolinguistics, the colloquium stimulates discussions, debates, and reflections on both dominant and emergent trends in formal and functional approaches to language. Meetings typically occur weekly during the fall and spring semesters and are open to all graduate students. For more information, please contact Lisa Sprowls at

Future talks:

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Past talks:

Fall 2013 Schedule 

10/30/2013Joyce Bennett
“Puro Kaqchikel”: The Discourse Surrounding Language Shift and Policy in Highland Guatemala 

11/6/2013—John Depriest
Syntactic Tree-Pruning in Non-Fluent Aphasia: A Case Study of Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

11/13/2013—Teresa Grubb
Language Decline and Death: A Case Study of the Adaptation of Loanwords into Tunica
11/20/13—Mary Kate Kelly
Progress on the Ongoing Tunica Project
Spring 2014 Schedule

2/5/2014—Morakinyo Ogunmodimu 
Plural Marking Strategies in Nigerian Pidgin English (Naija)                                                                               

2/26/2014—Craig Alcantara
Stress in Tunica Word Formation and Noun Derivation

3/12/2014—Mary Kate Kelly
Auxiliary Verbs in Tunica 

3/19/14—Shane Lief
The Sociopolitics of ‘Subfields’ in Linguistics
4/2/2014—Morakinyo Ogunmodimu
Theorizing Language and Ethnicity
4/16/2014—Olanike Orie and Tosin Gbogi
Nigerian Hip Hop Language: Lexical Manipulations in an Emerging Morphology
Fall 2014 Schedule
9/15/2014—Jarrette Allen
i'ay recours a vous: An Historical and Discursive Analysis of the Lettres Circulaires des Décédées of the Ursuline Order in Old and New France during the Louisiana French Colonial Period
9/22/2014—Lisa Sprowls
Second-Dialect Acquisition in Southwestern Pennsylvania
10/6/2014—Tosin Gbogi
Where They Enter Their Death, Where Singing Begins: Intertextuality and the Making of Nigerian Hip Hop Music
10/20/2014—Shane Lief
The Cultural Ecology of Speech and Music
11/3/2014—Lisa Sprowls
Tense and the Biloxi particle on

Feedbacks on Individual Ongoing Projects

Spring 2015 Schedule 

2/9/2015Lisa Sprowls
Lexical Aspect and the Causative Alternation in Biloxi

3/23/2015—Shane Lief
The Curse of the Standard: Social Consequences of Language Standardization

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