Courses Fall 2017

(Note: some classes have multiple sections)


ARHS 1010-01 Art Survey I

ARHS-3111-01 Tombs & Temples Prior to 1100 

ARHS-3430-01 Rubens to Rembrandt

ARHS-6512-01 Early Modern Copies

 ARHS 6730 Mexican Manuscript Painting

ENLS 2010 Intro to British Literature

ENLS 4190: Restoration and 18th c. Lit 

ENLS 4460: Shakespeare I 

GERM 4800/GERM 6800, “Das Kriegserlebnis” 

HISA 2310 Medieval England 

HISA-2350-01 Medieval Italy 

HISE-1210-01 Eur & Wide World To 1789 

HISE-2240-01 Russian Hist 9th-Mid 19th Cent

HISE 2410 Spain, 1369-1716 

HISL-2912-01 Colonial Latin America 

HISM-2200-01 History of Islam to 1400 

HISU 1800 Early New Orleans 

JWST-3500-01 Goldn Age Spansh Jewry I 

MUSC-1410-01 Hist Euro Music To 1800 

PHIL 2020 History of Modern Philosophy 

SPAN 4060 Pre-20th century Readings

 SPAN-6850-01 Don Quijote 1605-2017

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