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Visitor Parking

Each year, Tulane University hosts thousands of visitors on its uptown campus for sporting events, concerts, recreational activities and seminars. All vehicles parked on the uptown campus between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, are required to display a University Parking Permit or park in a metered parking place. 

Visitors may purchase a one-day parking pass at the Parking Services during business hours. Visitors have the option to pay to park on the ground level of the Diboll Complex or use parking meters located throughout campus. Parking permits are not required when guests park in timed or metered spaces, provided the time limit is obeyed and the parking meter is not expired. Maximum time limits for parking meters are posted on each meter.

For additional parking information call 504-865-5424.


Park if you've forgotten your permit

Come to the Tulane Police/Parking Division to purchase a one day parking permit if you have forgotten your pass.

Arrange parking for your guest

Your guest must display a permit during hours of regulation and the university host is responsible for notifying guests of applicable parking regulations.

Stop by the Parking Services office to purchase a visitor’s permit prior to your guest’s arrival on campus.

There are times (evenings and weekends) when a guest may park on campus without a permit.  Consult the hours of regulation to determine whether your guest needs a permit.

Arrange parking for a meeting/conference

Faculty and staff who are scheduling meetings involving off-campus guests should call the Parking Services office well before the meeting date to obtain and mail permits and parking instructions.  Visitors should arrive on campus with a parking permit, directions to a convenient parking area, and information about parking.

Load or unload

Although loading/unloading is a legitimate, ongoing need throughout campus, this need is not recognized as an excuse to park in a prohibited or reserved area.

Unloading zones are available near many academic buildings and residence halls.  When parked at a meter to unload, take care to pay the meter.

If there isn't a convenient unloading zone, think about whether you can load/unload from a regular parking space or meter, take care to pay the meter before unloading.

If you need to load/unloading from a restricted service area (signed or a loading dock) you must first call the Parking Services office at (504) 865-5424 prior to parking.

If you need to load/unload from an area that is not a parking space (sidewalk or campus grounds) you must first call the Parking Services office prior to parking.

Utilize metered parking

Parking in a metered space requires purchasing time on the meter.  Parking is not permitted at a malfunctioning meter unless you call Parking Services office immediately with the meter number, the problem, and your license plate.  Permits are not valid in metered spaces.

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