Fogarty Global Health Fellows


UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellows Program (FGHF)

The FGHF program is an 12-month mentored research training program for pre- and post-doctoral candidates and is sponsored by the Fogarty International Center, as well as several individual NIH institutes, including the National Cancer Institute and the Office of Research for Women's Health.

Based in over 20 years of research and training collaboration, the FGHF consortium brings together primary research training sites in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Each primary training site has a lengthy history of NIH and U.S. government research funding, training of U.S. and international research trainees, and on-the-ground faculty mentors, many of whom were trained through Fogarty International Center programs.  Trainees are assigned a team of mentors, who closely monitor the progress of the trainee and provide on-site supervision.

The UJMT FGHF program at Tulane is a consortium program administered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to Tulane and UNC, other members of the consortium include Johns Hopkins University and Morehouse College Medical School.

For additional information, visit the FGHF website.


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