Equal Opportunity & Institutional Equity


Elizabeth McMahon(SLA)(20) one year replacement for Matt Sakakeeny (SLA) (20)


Faculty Members

Reda Amer (SSE) (21)
Princess Dennar (SOM) (19)
Kathleen Davis (SLA) (18)
Elizabeth McMahon (SLA) (20)
Matt Sakakeeny (SLA) (20)
Robyn Ice (SOPA) (20)
Casius Pealer (Arch) (21)

Additional Faculty Members

TBD (20)
TBD (20)

Exempt Staff Members

Olivia Mitchell (19)
Luis Behrhorst (20)
Sarah Withers (18)

Non-Exempt Staff Members

Victoria Breyer (20)
Natalia Fuentes (20)
TBD (20)

Student Members

USG: Eva Dils
USG: Kennon Stewart
GAPSA: Mark Rogers
GAPSA: Zainab Leteefi

Ex Officio (non-voting)

VP, Institutional Equity: Deborah Love
Assoc. VP, Workforce Mgmt: Shantay Bolton
Multicultural Affairs: Carolyn Barber-Pierre
Goldman Center for Student Accessibility: TBD
General Counsel: Victoria D. Johnson


Administrative Liasion

General Counsel: Victoria D. Johnson

(NOTE: Somewhere in the total committee membership of 22—including the ex officio members‑‑must be men, women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.)


2011-12 Report



Advisory: To advise the Senate on the development and implementation of policies, procedures and practices pertaining to: a) recruiting and retaining a more diverse faculty, staff and student body; b) enhancing the implementation of diversity policies; c) improving the climate for under-represented faculty, staff and students. d) In fulfilling its advisory functions, the Committee is expected to work closely with the Office of Institutional Equity and other responsible parties with roles in improving affirmative action, institutional equity, and diversity at the University.


Chair, a faculty member; six additional faculty members; four students; three exempt staff; three non-exempt staff; and the following ex officio (non-voting) members: the General Counsel, the Affirmative Action Officer, the Vice President for Human Resources, a representative from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and a representative from Disability Services. This group of 22 should include representatives of different genders, minority groups and persons with disabilities. In addition, up to two additional faculty members may be chosen by the Committee each year in consultation with the Vice President for Institutional Equity, with substantive expertise relevant to the Committee's anticipated agenda for the year.


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