Molly Keogh, M.S. Graduate Student

My Research

Molly KeoghI study seasonal-scale land change in coastal Louisiana and the potential for Mississippi River diversions to restore marshes along the coast. River diversions mimic natural flood events by releasing a pulse of sediment-laden water out of the levees and into the adjacent marsh. There, the water slows and deposits its sediment. Over time, if the rate of sediment accumulation outpaces erosion and sea level rise, new land will emerge. My research focuses specifically on the Davis Pond diversion, just southwest of New Orleans. I am working with Dr. Alex Kolker (Tulane and LUMCON) and Dr. Gregg Snedden (USGS) to create a sediment budget and to determine spatial and temporal controls on sediment accumulation within the ponding area.

My Life at Tulane

Coastal Louisiana is a vibrant place to live and study. The vast marshes provide a living laboratory in our own backyard, and it is motivating to hear local peoples’ concerns for their coast.

101 Blessey Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-865-5198