Conferences & Workshops

Upcoming or Recent Conferences and Workshops

The following are events in which our department is closely involved:

Past Conferences:

2018 Commutative Algebra and Representation Theory

The goal of this conference is to bring researchers from commutative algebra, algebraic combinatorics and representation theory together to stimulate further research interaction and collaboration across these areas. More information

2018 Gulf States Math Alliance Conference

Regional meeting of the National Math Alliance for Doctoral Studies in Math Sciences.More information

2018 SCALA

The LSU Center for Computation and Technology (CCT) and Tulane University's Center for Computational Science (CCS) will co-sponsor a meeting to:  (1) Highlight cutting-edge topics in scientific computing, (2) showcase the research at Louisiana institutions and, (3) promote collaborations across the state of Louisiana.More information

Wentzell Conference

Stochastic Perturbations of Dynamical System

A conference in honor of Alexander Wentzell and his work. More information


Sixth Annual Winter Workshop on Neuromechanics and Dynamics of Locomotion. More information

Configuration spaces, braids and applicationstop ⇑

Supported by the NSF and Tulane's SSE this mini series of lectures will be held in the Mathematics Department at Tulane University, New Orleans, from January 13 to January 15, 2012. The principal speaker will be Professor Frederick Cohen from the University of Rochester, who will deliver three lectures centered on the topics of the title. The lectures will be aimed at the graduate students audience.  More information


Clifford Lectures

This is an annual week-long series of talks by a distinguished mathematician. A mini-conference is held in conjunction with each of the Clifford Lecture series. A unique feature of the conference is that the other invited speakers are selected by the Clifford Lecturer.  More information

top ⇑ Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics

This is an annual conference and workshop organized partly by Tulane University.  MFPS conferences are devoted to those areas of mathematics, logic, and computer science that are related to model of computation, in general, and to the semantics of programming languages, in particular.  More information

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