What is the SVPEC?

The Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Coalition (SVPEC) serves as an interdisciplinary team of Tulane University senior-level administrators, faculty, staff and students who joined together in the spring of 2014 to address the problem of sexual violence and misconduct among the student population.

The mission of our coalition is to collaboratively and strategically prevent sexual violence while fostering sexual climates and cultures on campus where all feel safe, informed, and well-positioned to thrive. We also aim to enhance the effectiveness of and communication between other working groups and individuals working on initiatives related to Title IX, sexual violence prevention, rape culture and healthy sexuality. The SVPEC is Co-Chaired by Lindsey Greeson, MS, Director of the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion, and Meredith Smith, JD and MEd, Tulane University Title IX Coordinator. If the SVPEC sounds like something in which you'd like to be involved in, contact Lindsey at or Meredith at


What are the goals of the SVPEC? 

Our goal is to further the success of sexual violence prevention efforts through continued implementation of sustainable practices as well as seeking new, innovative ways to enhance our community of care and concern.

  • Enhance knowledge, communication and collaboration among coalition members about the current campus climate, the nature and scope of sexual violence on Tulane's campus, and prevention initiatives already underway
  • Develop and implement an assessment of current campus climate and begin creating data points to assess effectiveness of institutional initiatives
  • Ensure that our faculty and CSAs understand institutional obligations and how to direct impacted students to resources
  • Create and implement One Wave, a robust bystander intervention program
  • Create comprehensive student training exercises which orient students to institutional expectations regarding sexual misconduct, ensure students understand resources available, and provide education about sexual violence prevention, rape culture, and healthy sexuality
  • Ensure policies and procedures are in line with best practices in preventing sexual violence and fostering healthy climates
  • Engage and develop the student voice by motivating individuals to identify and act for change on campus
  • Create comprehensive communication pieces which orient students to institutional expectations regarding sexual misconduct and ensure students understand resources available
  • Seek and provide opportunities for curriculum infusion of sexual assault prevention into academic curriculum
  • Plan and implement campus wide events to raise awareness and provide educational messages
  • Seek grant funding to support prevention initiatives
  • Support survivors to prevent re-victimization


Faculty Engagement Subcommittee 

  • Co-Chair: Dennis Kehoe, PhD, Professor of Classical Studies 
  • Co-Chair: Meaghan Livaccari, LCSW, Assistant Director of the Center for Wellness & Health Promotion 

Campus Wide Programming Subcommittee 

  • Co-Chair: Mathew Hall, MEd, Health Educator at the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion 
  • Co-Chair: Liz Schafer, MEd, Director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs 

Health Communication Subcommittee 

  • Co-Chair: Julia Broussard, LMSW, Assistant Director of Case Management & Victim Support Services 
  • Co-Chair: Lindsey Greeson, MS, Director of the Center for Wellness & Health Promotion

Looking to get involved? 

If the SVPEC sounds like something in which you'd like to be involved, contact Lindsey Greeson at or Meredith Smith at

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