Stable'N has a nitrification inhibitor process that utilizes electricity delivered into the soil by a retrofit to existing fertilizer application equipment. This nitrification inhibitor works much like a traditional chemically based nitrification inhibitor, but it can be applied for much less cost per acre on a farm.  

Team Members

  • Bryan Tomm
  • JR Hubele
  • John Hubele

By inhibiting the nitrification process, many nitrogen fertilizers will not be converted into a form of nitrogen that can be easily lost from the soil – therefore more of the nitrogen that is applied will be available for the crop to use. This type of protectionary practice can help farmers ensure that their crops will achieve yield goals without wasting or over-applying fertilizers.

Nitrification inhibitors are already a common practice on many farms, and Stable'N's technology will help make this practice more economical and more regularly adopted.

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