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This GPA calculator is UNOFFICIAL.

Official GPAs are only calculated through the Registrar's Office.

Please talk to your academic advisor if you are unsure how to use this calculator or have questions about your standing

Instructions - Example

1. Enter your courses and anticipated grades


2. Thus is your predicted semester GPA based upon the anticipated grades entered above
       Current earned hours
       Current quality hours
       Current attempted hours
       Current GPA
3. Enter your cumulative hours and GPA (available on your degree audit)
    What are your cumulative earned hours?
    What are your cumulative quality hours?
    What is your cumulative GPA?

4. This is your predicted cumulative hours and GPA, based on anticipated grades and cumulative information entered above
      Cumulative earned hours
      Cumulative quality hours
      Cumulative GPA



Tulane University uses your cumulative quality points and cumulative quality hours to calculate your cumulative GPA. Your cumulative GPA is obtained by dividing your cumulative quality points by your cumulative quality hours. Earned hours are used to determine if you have enough credits to graduate.

Quality Points per credit for specific letter grades are shown in the table below. For example a 3 credit course in which you earned a B would earn 9 quality points

Letter Grade

Quality Points

Letter Grade

Quality Points

Letter Grade

Quality Points

A4.000 B+3.333 C2.000
A-3.667 B 3.000 F0
  • Cumulative quality hours are the sum of credits you attempted with a regular grade type, including classes you failed but excluding classes with TR, S, U, P, and W grade type. It is available through TOUR and on your degree audit

  • Cumulative quality points are determined by multiplying the quality points for each class (determined by the table) multipled by the credit hours for the course.