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Matriculation Tickets

1859/60 - 1892/93

E.G. Bradley's Ticket of Matriculation. University of Louisiana, Medical Department, Course 1859-60, Thomas Hunt, M.D., Dean

In the early days of the Medical College of Louisiana, individuals wishing to attend the instructional lectures bought matriculation tickets from the instructors. The cost of the course of lectures varied from $15 to $20 depending in part upon the frequency of the lectures. Midwifery met three times a week, but most of the other courses met six times a week. Courses began the first Monday in December and ran through the end of March. The ticket shown above was issued by Dr. Thomas Hunt, the first Dean of the College during his tenure as Professor of Physiology from 1850-1867. By this time, the College had become of the Medical Department of the University of Louisiana.

This is the image of ticket issued by Dr. Rudolph Matas, then Demonstrator of Surgery, and later Chairman of Surgery and benefactor of the Medical Library. By the time this ticket was issued, the university had changed names once more and was now Tulane University of Louisiana.

Mr. James Franklin Pigott's Course Ticket. Course of Practical Anatomy by Rudolph Matas, M.D. and Augustus McShane, M.D., Medical Department. Tulane University of Louisiana, Session 1890-91.

Index of Matriculation Tickets within the Medical Library's collection

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