Persister Rank and Percentile:


Name Petition Sort 1681 Rank 1681 Percent 1690 Rank 1690 Percent
Abby, Samuel and son Pro-P 1 #N/A #N/A 61 25.20%
Adams, John NoS 2 65 31.10% #N/A #N/A
Aires, Nath'l NoS 3 59 32.20% #N/A #N/A
Alline, william Pro-P 4 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
Andrew, Daniell and sons Anti-P 5 8 92.40% 5 95.90%
Barton, Samull NoS 6 #N/A #N/A 88 5.00%
Bayly, Tho NoS 7 70 23.60% #N/A #N/A
Beele, William NoS 8 #N/A #N/A 76 21.20%
Bishop, David Anti-P 9 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
Bishop, Edward Junr Pro-P 10 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
Rank and Percentile Data 1681-1690 (Sample)

To identify and rank faction members who were assessed taxes in both 1681 and 1690, choose the "Data Analysis" function under the Tools menu and select "Rank and Percentile."  Click the "Input Range" box, and drag the mouse through the "1681" column. Click the "Labels in First Row" button.  For "Output Options," you may click the "Output Range" button and select the uppermost cell in the empty column adjacent to the "Sort" column in the Tax Comparison Data Set or place the output in a new worksheet.  The rank and percentile information, consisting of four columns ("Point," "1681," "Rank," and "Percent"), are ranked from the highest taxpayer (100%) to the lowest taxpayer. In order to link this information with the "Name" column and original data, select all four new columns and choose "Sort" from the Data menu and sort the "Point" column in "Ascending" order. Delete the "Point" and "1681" columns. Repeat the process for the 1690 tax column. The rank and percentile information for both tax lists is now aligned with the correct taxpayer and factional affiliation, as in the table above.

The rank and percentile table shows the numerical and percentile rank in Salem Village of the persisters who paid taxes in both 1681 and 1690. In the sample table above, only Daniel Andrews, an anti-Parris petition signer, paid taxes in both years. With this information, his relative standing among village taxpayers in both years can be compared.

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