Anti-Parris/Salem Village:


1690 Mean Tax Ratio 1690 Median Tax Ratio
Anti-Parris 16.55 1.25 Anti-Parris 14.00 1.75
Salem Village 13.24 Salem Village 8.00
1700 Mean Tax Ratio 1700 Median Tax Ratio
Anti-Parris 18.41 1.47 Anti-Parris 14.00 1.47
Salem Village 12.53 Salem Village 9.50
Anti-Parris and Salem Village Tax Ratios 1690-1700

Comparing the mean and median taxes of the twenty-nine anti-Parris persisters with Salem Village taxpayers in 1690 and 1700 presents the same ambiguity as with the pro-Parris group. Compared to Salem Villagers, the average tax of these witchcraft opponents rose during the 1690s, but their median tax declined. Still, both their mean and median rates stayed above the comparable figures for the village as a whole.

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