Salem Village Assessment:


Name Tax Petition Sort
Abby, Samuel and son 7 Pro-P 1
Alline, william 8 Pro-P 2
Andrew, Daniell and sons 38 Anti-P 3
Bishop, Edward Junr 7 Pro-P 4
Bishop, Edward senr & son 10 Anti-P 5
Braybrook, samuell 7 Anti-P 6
Brown, Henry 10.5 Pro-P 7
1695 Tax Data Set (Sample)

The existence of multiple tax lists allows us to examine what was happening to Salem Village's factions into the years after the witchcraft outbreak. The 1695 assessment, taken three years after the witchcraft episode, has special significance because it was key evidence for the conclusions drawn in Salem Possessed about the declining fortunes of the pro-Parris faction and the rising wealth of the anti-Parris group.

Users may use the 1695 Tax Data Set or the "1695" column in the Tax Comparison Data Set.

The 1695 data set contains four columns of information:

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