Accusation Pivot Table

Count of Month of Accusation  
Month of Accusation Total
-1 9
2 3
3 4
4 22
5 39
6 3
7 12
8 23
9 33
10 1
11 3
Grand Total 152
Pivot Table for Month of Accusation Data

A pivot table report (also called a contingency or cross tab table) is a statistical method used to count and summarize the relationship of two variables, or categories, to each other: in this case, the number of accusations for each month of the Salem outbreak.

In Excel, select "PivotTable Report" in the Data Menu. Select the button that uses data from an "Excel list or database." Click "Next." For "range," drag the mouse through the "Month of Accusation" column in either the Accused Witches Data Set or the Accused Histogram Data Set (include the column label). Click "Next." Select "Layout" and drag the small "Month of Accusation" icon to the "Row" section; then drag another small "Month of Accusation" icon to the "Data" section. The "Data" section icon should read "Count of Month of Accusation." If not, double click the "Month of Accusation" icon in the "Data" section and select "Count" in the "Summarize by" window. Click "OK" and "Finish." The resulting columns (see above) can then be used to construct a scatter plot.

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