Committee Social Report

Committee of 1691 Committee of 1694
Count of Social Social   Count of Social Social    
Petition Householder Grand Total Petition Church Householder Grand Total
Anti-P 5 5 Pro-P 4 1 5
Grand Total 5 5 Grand Total 4 1 5
Pivot Table for Committees of 1691 and 1694

Pivot tables can be used to summarize the relationship between factional affiliation and social standing in different committees. Using the Committee Yearly Data Set, we can, for example, select the committee of 1691, when Parris's opponents took control of the village committee, and the committee of 1694, when the pro-Parris faction took charge.

Using the "Microsoft Excel list or database," click the "Range" icon and drag through the two columns "Petition" and "Social" (include column labels) for the committee of 1691.  In "Layout," choose the "Social" icon for Column, the "Petition" icon for Row, and "Count of Social" for the Data field.  Place the pivot chart in a new worksheet, and click "Finish." Do the same for other the committee of 1694 data.

Comparing the social characteristics of the committees of 1691 and 1694 indicates that political factionalism among Salem Villagers was associated with social distinctions over church membership. All five anti-Parris members of the committee of 1691 were householders, not church members. In contrast, of the five pro-Parris members of the committee of 1694, four were members of the Salem Village church.

Users can construct other pivot tables to test the connection between political and social affiliation for different committees. For example, the committee of 1689, which hired Parris, and the committee of 1697, which had the responsibility to hire Parris's successor after he stepped down, were relatively balanced between pro- and anti-Parris members. Users can construct pivot tables and pie charts to illustrate the association between factionalism and church membership for these committees.

In addition to analyzing committees year by year, it is also possible to analyze committee members as a group. Download the Committee List Data Set and click Next.