Pro-Parris Data Set

Name Identification Sex Sort
Wilkins, Jane Householder F 1
Walcot, Jonath: Householder M 25
Wilkins, Bray Church-Member M 54
Wilkins, Anna Church-Member F 79
First Person in the Four Categories of the Pro-Parris Petition

Download both the Pro-Parris Social Data Set and the Anti-Parris Data Set.

The Pro-Parris data set contains four columns:

A pivot table (or contingency table) can be constructed to show the relationships between different types of Parris's supporters. Select "PivotChart" in the Data menu. Using the "Microsoft Excel list or database," click the "Range" icon and drag through the two columns (include column labels) "Identification" and "Sex."  In "Layout," choose the "Identification" icon for Column, the "Sex" icon for Row, and "Count of Identification" for the Data field.  Place the pivot chart in a new worksheet, and click "Finish." 

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