Accusation Scatter Plot

Month of Year Number of Accusations
2 3
3 4
4 22
5 39
6 3
7 12
8 23
9 33
10 1
11 3
Scatter Plot Data Set

A scatter plot, also called an "XY Chart," shows the relationship between two variables by means of a series of points that can be connected by a line. Using the Salem accusation data, it plots the number of accusations that occurred each month. Like histograms, they make visually apparent the pattern of accusations during the Salem outbreak.

To construct a scatter plot of accusations, download the Accusation Scatter Plot Data Set and import it into Excel or another program. (Users can also obtain the necessary data from the "Frequency" and "Bin" data in the chart that accompanied the accusation histogram. A different approach would be to construct a Pivot Table — or cross tab table — using the "Month of Accusation" data from the Accused Witches Data Set or the Accused Histogram Data Set.)

The Accusation Scatter Plot Data Set consists of just two columns (variables):

In an Excel worksheet, either select "Chart" from the Insert Menu or select the Chart Wizard. Choose "XY (Scatter)" and the sub-type "Scatter with data points connected by lines." Click "Next." For "Data Range" make sure that both columns of data are selected; the "Columns" button should also be selected. Click "Next." Use "Chart Options" to edit the chart. Click "Next" when completed. Select a location for the chart, and click "Finish."

To view the accusation scatter plot and assess its significance, click Next.