Tax Comparison Data Set

Name Petition 1681 1690 1694 1695 1697 1700 Sort
Abby, Samuel and son Pro-P 7.0 7.0 7.0 1
Adams, John NoS 22.50 2
Aires, Nath'l NoS 24.00 3
Alline, william Pro-P 4.5 8.0 10.5 8.0 4
Andrew, Daniell and sons Anti-P 119.25 36.0 26.0 38.0 40.0 44.0 5
Barton, Samull NoS 4.0 6
Bayly, Tho NoS 13.00 5.0 4.5 7
Beele, William NoS 6.0 8
Bishop, David Anti-P 4.0 9
Bishop, Edward Junr Pro-P 7.0 7.0 10.0 10.0 10
Tax Comparison Data Set (Sample)

Beyond group statistics, additional evidence about Salem Village economic mobility during the 1680s can be gained by examining the experience of individual taxpayers. This can be done by identifying village taxpayers who appeared on both the 1681 and 1690 tax list. Through rank and percentile analysis, we can then compare each taxpayer's rank and percentile standing in 1681 with his standing in 1690. Taxpayers appearing on both lists can be labeled "persisters" since their position can be traced over a period of time. While users can continue working with the 1681 and 1690 tax data sets, it is recommended that they download the Tax Comparison Data Set.

The Tax Comparison Data Set (see above) was compiled by listing all Salem Village taxpayers who were assessed rates in the period between 1681 and 1700. The rates are recorded in Salem Village's Book of Record (see Bibliography).

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