Geographic Spread of Accusations:


Month of Accusation Andover Beverly Billerica Boston Boxford Charlestown Chelmsford
-1 3           1
4 2
5 1 1 3 2 2
6 1
7 7
8 12 3
9 22
Grand Total 45 4 3 2 3 2 1
Towns Pivot Table (Sample) Showing Towns of Accused Witches

The geographic dimensions of the 1692 witchcraft outbreak can be gained by finding the number of communities directly involved and the degree to which they were involved. This can be determined by means of a pivot table using the residence and month of accusation data in the Accused Witches Data Set.

In Excel, Choose "PivotTable Report" in the Data menu and select the button to take data from "Excel list or database." Click "Next." Click the "Range" icon and drag through the data from both the "Residence" and "Month of Accusation" columns (include column labels). Click "Next." Select "Layout" and drag the small "Residence" icon to the "Row" section; then drag the "Month of Accusation" icon to the "Row" section. Drag another "Month of Accusation" icon to the Data section. It should read "Count of Month of Accusation. (If not, double click the icon and select "Count" in the "Summarize by" window. Click "OK" and "Finish."

The table reveals the geographic extensiveness of Salem Witchcraft. By the time it was over, twenty-four communities (including both Salem Village and Salem Town) had one or more residents accused.

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