Below is a chart showing the distribution of scores on the midterm exam.  Also shown is a curve for the exam from which I determined a letter grade corresponding to the scores.  Note that the letter grade is for informational purposes only.  For your final grade I do not average letter grades, but use the total number of points scored in the class to determine a curve for the final grade.  Note also that I consider any grade below 51% to be a failing grade.  I am available most of the time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to discuss the exam and I encourage you to send me an email to make an appoinment to come in for a discussion, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DID POORLY ON THE EXAM.

Some General Comments about the Exam

When a professor says something is definitely going to be on the exam - BELIEVE THE PROFESSOR!!!!!


Magmas DO NOT come from the liquid outer core of the Earth!!! -11 of you still think so.

The Definition of a mineral, says that minerals are solids. Thus they CANNOT FORM BY MELTING!!!

What is the difference between Hazard Assessment and Risk Assesment? 

12 of you still think that New Orleans' levees breached the day after Katrina made landfall - WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Life or Death Questions

Question 11 on Part I (Multiple Choice Question) is a life or death question, designed to see whether or not you would survive a natural disaster.  only 4 out of 60 (6.7%) died because you didn't climb the hill when the tsunami came onto the California beach.   That's pretty good, but by the end of the semester, I would hope that no one will die in a natural disaster.

Question 23 on Part III (True of False Questions) is also a life or death question.   Those of you who answered True, are likely to be among those goinng back to the coast before the second, third, or fourth tsunami wave comes in and kills you..  3 of you (5 %) probably died when this happened.