The Earth


Prof. Stephen A. Nelson

Fall Semester 2012

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Sept. 5, 2012 - I have revised the syllabus to reflect the days missed due to Hurricane Isaac. The new version can be obtained by clicking the Syllabus link, above.  It has also been placed on Blackboard.

Homework Assignments


Note that all of the following files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  You will need the Free Adobe Reader available from in order to view and print these files.

Note only the files with a * have been reviewed and are ready for download for the Fall 2012 Semester.

Homework I.  Gravity and Gravity Anomalies* Homework II Seismological Topics*
Homework III Density Distributio* Homework IV Isotope*
Homework V Accretion of the Earth* Homework VI Magnetism*
Homework VII Mantle Evolution and Heat Flow*  




The Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM)