-- And The War Came --

Thursday April 11, 1861

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Beauregard Demands Evacuation of Fort Sumter

[Stars and Bars]

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, General Beauregard dispatched three aides to Fort Sumter. The aides arrived about two hours later, and demanded that Anderson evacuate the fort.

After consulting with his officers, Anderson formally responded that his sense of honor and his obligations to his government prevented his compliance. Anderson also casually remarked that the garrison would "be starved out in a few days." Beauregard communicated both the official answer and Anderson's informal verbal remarks to Montgomery.

That evening, Beauregard received instructions from Montgomery to get a specific commitment from Anderson as to the time he would evacuate the fort, as well as an agreement that he would not use his guns against them unless under attack. "If this or its equivalent be refused," Beauregard was commanded, "reduce the fort as your judgment decides to be most practicable."

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