-- Dilemmas of Compromise --


Albany Evening Journal, December 24, 1860
Monday Evening

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If we are to understand a suggestion in the Evening Journal of Saturday [December 8, 1860] as a proposition to concede to Slavery such Territories South of 36 deg 30 min as may be adapted by soil and climate to that institution, we must very decidedly dissent therefrom. The recent victory means that Slavery is henceforth to go to none of our Free Territory, whether North or South.

There is no Territory belonging to our Government "South of 36 deg. 30 min." "adapted, by soil and climate, to that Institution." Even Kansas offered no other than political temptations to Slavery. And Slavery only hoped to get a lodgement there through the auspices and aid of the Federal Office holders, backed by a Pro-Slavery Administration. They wanted Kansas to preserve a "political equilibrium" in the United States Senate. We are as little inclined and as unlikely to "come down" or "compromise" in reference to anything that devotes us to Freedom, or that concerns the integrity of Republican principles, as the many who misunderstand, or the few who misrepresent us.

If our sanguine political friends would come off the stump, and forego the spread-eagle style of argument just long enough to give common sense a hearing, they would discover that all Territory now belonging to us is safe, without legislation; that we are not to acquire, under a Republican Administration, any Territory "adapted by soil or climate" to the uses of Slavery; and that, consequently, in view of the "Impending Crisis," and the new issue tendered, we need not concern ourselves, by looking after what will take care of itself.