Airport pickup

If you need a pick-up by TCSSA, please fill in our Airport Pickup form first, we will get back to you with in 2-3 days, if not, you can send an email to TCSSA Committee

Please contact us at least 2 weeks before your departure. Arriving during weekends is preferable. We cannot ensure to be able to pick you up since our resource is limited. We will offer the service FREE. And as reward t our volunteers, we will have a BBQ in the beginning of the semester. You are also welcome to join us in BBQ~!! Hope to see you soon in New Orleans~! Again Welcome to Tulane~!! Enjoy your trip~!!

Please also be aware that you connected flight to New Orleans might delay. If you have a delay or any other emergency that can affect your time of arrival, please notify us as soon as you can. So if you don't have a cell phone that can work in the US, we strongly encourage you to carry some quarters for pay phone or a phone card.

If you are willing to be a TCSSA airport pickup volunteer. Please fill in our Airport Pickup Volunteer form. We are really appreciate your help.