Upon Arrival in New Orleans

This is for new Chinese students as a reference, so that you may have a better idea about what and how to do in the first few days at Tulane. Never forget, one of the most important information source for you is Tulane's Center for International Students & Scholars. They have some useful information for international students here.

We would greatly appreciate if you could give us your opinion/information for our next update.

Upon Arrival

Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)

Bring the required Application Materials to the on-campus seminar given by the local Social Security Office and apply for a Social Security Card. If you miss this seminar, you can go to the local Social Security Office at the following address:

SUITE 1510

Toll-Free 1-800-772-1213
TTY 1-800-325-0778

Open M-F 9:00 am - 4:00 p.m.

For more info, visit: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10096.html

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Open a bank account

There are several bank branches around uptown campus that you can choose. Chase, CapitalOne/Hibernia and Whitney are among the most chosen banks by Tulane students. On campus, you can go to the branch of Whitney National bank located between Bruff Common and McAlister Auditoriam to open a Checking Account and/or a Saving Account. (Followings are examples in Whitney bank only.)

Most students choose the "Check & Save" account, which charges no monthly fee with a minimum of $300 in the saving account and no per check written fee. You will get some checks to use at the time of application and receive a box of check books in a few days.

You will also get an ATM Card, which can be used to withdraw cash, transferring funds between accounts, paying at selected stores, etc. Using ATM Machine of Whitney bank is free.

You may also consider getting a Check Card, as known as a debit card, which allows you to pay for groceries and other items without writing a check or withdrawing cash before going to the store; Money is automatically transferred from your checking account to the store. It is free to use in the first six months and $1 per month after.

A Certificate of Deposit account, or CD account, may be opened for your extra money.

You can also sign up "direct deposit" service at the Payroll Office, so that your stipend will be deposited into your bank account automatically. Click here to find out how.

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Take Spoken English test

Before Katrina, all TA's are required to take this test. For most updated information, please consult with your department.

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Apply for a Tulane Student ID

The Card Services office is located at Bruff Commons. You can also make deposit into your ID account, which allows you to pay for almost everything on campus such as books, food, laundry and copies, etc. After getting labelled with a library barcode tag from the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, It will also serve as the library card.

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Typically you need to see your advisor(if you have one), the secretary and the chairman in your department, and in some cases the secretary of the school you are in.

Check the Schedule of Classes online. Make a schedule and discuss it with your advisor (or the vice chair for graduate study in the department if you don't have an advisor yet.) and make sure it meets your degree requirement.

To register classes, you can either call   TUTOR (Tulane University Touchtone Online Registration) by dialing 861-2222 (off-campus) or 2222   (on-campus), or do it online using TOUR (Tulane Online University Records).

You also have to confirm your registration during the confirmation period. It can be done online using TOUR, 7am -midnight.

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Apply for a Tulane Technology Account

Technology Accounts are created upon enrollment in at least one class. Accounts are created in a nightly batch process. Depending on the time of day that the class is added, it could take up to 2 days for the account to be created. Once an account is created, access will be granted to email, myTulane, Greenspace, and several other applications. .

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Please first of all be aware that because of the Hurrican Katrina, the rent for uptown housing has experienced an obvious increase, especially those houses without flood damage.

New students usually live on-campus or clsoe to campus for the convenience. In this case, the typical rent range is from $400 - $600 for a room in a shared apartment or house, or $650 - $800 for one-bedroom apartment or house. 

Once you own a car, you may consider living a bit far from campus. The rent may drop, and the apartment/house is usually more spacious.

Safety should always among the most important factors to consider with. Make sure you live in a safe neighborhood. Ask the fellow students or the staff at the Center for International Students and Scholars for detailed information.

Signing a lease and making deposit are required before you move in. Materials are available for pickup at the Center for International Students and Scholars to help you better understand this issue.

Click here for more housing info: Temporary housing, on-campus and off-campus housing, etc.

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Purchase Health Insurance

It's very important to have a health insurance. All Tulane Students are required to have a valid one. If you decide to buy a health insurance other than the policy that Tulane offers, you must decline the Tulane insurance by the declination deadline which is around the end of Septmeber. You can find some health insurance related information here. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the Tulane insurance coverage.

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Tulane Shuttle Bus/Local Bus

Tulane provides three FREE Shuttle Services: On/Off campus shuttle service transports students to home or car starting from the Library to within one mile radius of the University; Uptown/Downtown Shuttle Service is a commuting service between Tulane Uptown campus and downtown Medical Center; Uptown Square Shuttle Service provides continuous service between Uptown Square and the Uptown campus.

Shuttle schedules are available online or in the office of the Department of Public Safety, the Howard-Tilton Library, the University Center, Rosen House Residence Hall or from the shuttle driver.

Tulane Safe Rides is a PAID shuttle service sponsored by Tulane Undergraduate Student Government, running between New Orleans Downtown and Tulane campus. It costs $1 per trip, payable with Tulane Card debit only.  

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA) provides bus and streetcar services, at the cost of $1.25 per trip.

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Campus Map

Pick up a campus map at the Center for International Students and Scholars or print out the online version at http://www2.tulane.edu/about_campus.cfm

Here are some of the buildings newcomers may have to go:

Center for International Students and Scholars at Tulane University located in Tate House (Building code U067)

The Pavilion (Building code U29A)
This temporary building houses the Bookstore and Dining Services.

Payroll and international tax office (7031 Ferret St.)

Account Receivable(35 McAlister Drive Ste 103)

Bruff Commons (Building code U048)
This building houses mail services, bursar's Office (where you can pay on your account), laundry services, card services, a convenience store and the Bruff Commons Dining Room.

Reily Student Recreation Center (Building code U106)

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Safty Issues

As you might hear, New Orleans ranks among the most unsafe cities in the US. However, you don't need to worry about it too much. Here are some tips for your own safty:

- Alway carrying at least $20 cash in your pocket in case of an armed robbery.

- Avoiding walking after dark, even if you are not alone.

- Never trying to fight with robbers, you don't kown whether he/she has a gun.

- Don't be too shy to ask your friend to give you a ride when you think it necessary at night.

- When giving someone a ride at night, don't leave immediately until you make sure he/she has safely entered the building.

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