House Evaluation

TCSSA will provide off-campus housing evaluation service. We recommend you to consult with us before you turn in a deposit. Be aware that what we are able to provide is only suggestions according to our experiences. And you are entitled to the final decision. We are not responsible for any consequences resulted from our suggestion.

If you want us to help evaluating the house you want to rent, please fill out our House Evaluation FormWe will try to check your apartment in person and talk to the landlord and come back to you within one week (not ensured):

Keep in mind that our resource is limited, please do not give us a list of apartment you want us to check. Only give one or at most two apartment you have already decide to rent and we can check if it has big problem. The service is aimed to prevent you from renting a bad apartment, instead of finding you a perfect one.

House Satisfaction Survey

We are also trying to make a landlord blacklist and whitlist. So any experience with your landlord is useful to us. We will be really appreciated if you can tell us about your landlord by fill out our Satisfaction Survey