Pelican Articles

Twenty Questions (and Answers) About Environmental Law Clinics
Professional Lawyer (2013)

Why Environmental Law Clinics?
ELR 10039 (2013)

Illegal Permit? Who Are You Going to Call? Your Local Environmental Law Clinic!
ELR (11/09)

The Apolitical Clinic,
Tulane Law. (2004)

Controversy, Conflicts, and Law School Clinics
Clinical L. Rev. (2011)

Practicing Before the Bar Exam
Envtl. F. (8/01)

Protecting Public Participation
Envtl. F. (2011)

Can Preemption Protect Public Participation?
Case Western Res. L. Rev. (2011)

Cases and Controversy
Envtl. F. (10/06)

How the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic Survived the Shintech Controversy and Rule XX Revisions
Some Questions and Answers, ELR (12/02)

The Apolitical Law School Clinic,
Clinical L. Rev. (2005)

Environmental Justice in Louisiana
La. B.J. (8/03)

The Tulane Environmental Law Clinic: A Voice for Louisiana Citizens
La. B.J. (9/01)

Hostile Environment
New Orleans City Business (11/02)

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