Infectious Disease Seminar (TRMD 7020)

Course Description

During this course students present and discuss papers from the current scientific literature. Topics include most aspects of infectious disease including: the biology of the pathogen, disease pathogenesis, clinical aspects of the disease, disease transmission, disease control, disease treatment, disease prevention, and epidemiology. The seminar experience is intended to stimulate a critical reading of the current literature and to ensure that students learn to present important and potentially controversial data in a rigorous and careful fashion. Schedule of Presentations for Spring 2023.


When and Where

The class meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 in Tidewater 1215 (check Class Schedules for room assignment updates).


Student Responsibilities

During the semester each student will prepare a presentation and an abstract of a scientific paper. See guidelines and suggestions for preparing your presentation. Students are also expected to attend all of the classes and to actively participate in class discussions. An excess of unexcused absences will result in a lower grade.

Students should choose a paper and register the paper with the seminar coordinator as soon as possible. (Check the presentation schedule for papers already registered as well as the Fall 2022 schedule for papers presented in the previous semester.) Students are encouraged to consult with the seminar coordinator, or any other departmental faculty, in regards to the appropriateness of a paper and in the preparation of the abstract and presentation.



Dr. Wiser



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