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December 2017

Medicine & The City
Tulane School of Medicine doctors have made major national medical breakthroughs—advocating for the creation of Medicare health insurance, discovering the link between smoking and lung cancer, and pioneering vascular surgery—while contributing to the health of the city of New Orleans, to whose fate the school is forever tied.

Builders, Heroes and a Voice for Girls

Nola4Women shines a light on women’s contributions to the history of New Orleans while advocating for a better status in the future.

Community & Connections

Jews in New Orleans have shaped the commerce, culture and philanthropy of the city during nearly the entirety of its 300 years of existence.

New Orleans Literature  
In celebration of the tricentennial of New Orleans, author, professor of creative writing and New Yorker and New York Times frequent contributor Thomas Beller examines writers who have helped him understand the contemporary city.