Univariate Statistics I
Formerly Psyc212/667

Univariate Statistics I is a 4 credit course (3cr graduate) that introduces basic statistical procedures used by psychologists and other behavioral scientists. These procedures include analysis of variance (ANOVA) simple and multiple linear regression, chi-square, and tests subsequent to ANOVA. Psyc209/609 is required for all Psychology majors and minors, and for all first year psychology doctoral students. Students are expected to abide by the Honor Code.

Psyc209 previously was numbered as Psyc212, and is the same course. Consequently, credit will not be awarded for both courses

  • Course Topics
    • Introductory Concepts
      • Central Tendency, Dispersion, z-distribution, t-distributions
    • Hypothesis Testing and Chi square tests
    • Introduction to ANOVA
    • One-way ANOVA
    • Tests subsequent to ANOVA
      • A priori tests: Orthogonal Comparisions, Bonferroni, Tukey
      • A posteriori tests: Scheffe, Neuman-Keuls
    • Between Groups Factorial Designs
      • Two-way ANOVA
    • Unequal N in ANOVA
    • Repeated measures designs:
      • One repeated measures factor (SxA)
      • One repeated measures factor and one between groups factor (S/AxB)
    • Correlation and Simple Regression
    • Standard Multiple Regression and Hierarchical Regression

    Supplemental Links for Stat Lovers:

    Disclaimer: These links are provided as supplemental materials to the information presented in class and in the text.
    Do not use them in in lieu of course materials.

    Glossary of statistics terms and concepts (courtesty of V. J. and J. H. McColl).
    Hyperstat On-line Statistics Notes (courtesy of David Lane)
    Program for random assignment
    Some on-line stats programs(Courtesy of R. Lowry)
    Instructions for using Dunlap's Psylib programs
    These programs include power analysis, the exact probability for a given F ratio, and tests subsequent to ANOVA.

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