Alpha of Louisiana CELEBRATES 100th AnniversarY 

    In the spring of 2009, the Alpha of Louisiana Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa celebrated its 100th anniversary as an honor society at Tulane University. The anniversary was marked by two events - a guest lecture and a travelling exhibition.

    On April 22, 2009, Matt Cartmill, Professor of Anthropology at Boston University, delivered a lecture titled, "Evolution, Creation and Eternity: What’s Wrong With the ‘Creation’ Part of ‘Creation Science’?” Cartmill's lecture discussed philosophical views about creationism and the idea that belief in God is not incompatible with faith in science.

    The centennial of Tulane's Phi Beta Kappa chapter was also marked by an exhibition in the Special Collections Gallery on the second floor of Jones Hall. The exhibit included John Kennedy Toole’s Phi Beta Kappa certificate. The late Toole graduated from Tulane in 1969 and posthumously was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his novel A Confederacy of Dunces. The exhibit also included photographs on loan from the national Phi Beta Kappa organization, documenting its history.

    Finally, the 100th anniversary of the Alpha of Louisiana Chapter was recognized at the 42nd Triennial Council of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Chapter President Brian Brox accepted the certificate of recognition on behalf of the Alpha of Louisiana Chapter.