Voyager Bib Record Cataloguing

Retrieving bib records MARC validation
948 field Provisional records

See also "Voyager Keyboard and Editing Tips," which includes information on keyboard shortcuts, moving around a screen, editing fixed and variable fields, and saving records.

  1. Retrieving bib records:

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  2. 948 field:

    Statistics are kept for every title and unit catalogued in Voyager.  They are generally captured with a program run on the 948 field.  Therefore, it is important to add a 948 field to every bib record once you have completed any of the following transactions with that record:

    You do need to add 948 fields even for categories of materials that require manual statistics.

    For further information on the 948 field and its individual subfields, see "Voyager Cataloguing Statistics:  Voyager 948 Field."

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  3. MARC validation:  When you catalogue or edit bib records, MARC validation should be turned on.
    Validation can catch a variety of MARC format errors, including invalid tag numbers and subfield codes.

    To turn it on:

    Reminder:  While cataloguing, if you need to verify any valid and correct MARC tag and indicator values, you can use the F2 function key, "Show MARC values."

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  4. Provisional records:

    To create a new bib record:

    A bib record screen should appear, based on the bib record template selected in your session defaults.

    The current template for creating provisional records for books, which should be on each PC, includes the following information:

    For additional information on creating provisional records, including guidelines on content, see also "Creating Provisional Records in Voyager:  for monographs and with item in hand."

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