Subdivisions Not Further Subdivided by
$x History

Taken from the Library of Congress Subject Cataloging Manual:  Subject Headings, H1647, section 9.

Do not use $x History after the following free-floating subdivisions:

$x Annexation to [...]$x Foreign relations $x Military policy
$x Anniversaries, etc.$v Genealogy $x Military relations
$x Antiquities$x Geography $x Origin
$v Art$x Gold discoveries $x Politics and government
$x Centennial celebrations, etc.$x Historical geography $v Portraits
$v Chronology$x Historiography $x Queens
$x Church history$x History $x Relations
$x Civilization$x History, Local $x Religion
$x Description and travel $x History, Military $x Religious life and customs
$x Discovery and exploration$x History, Naval $x Rural conditions
$x Economic conditions$x History of doctrines $x Social conditions
$x Economic policy $v Illustrations $x Social life and customs
$x Exiles$x Intellectual life $x Social policy
$x Foreign economic relations$x Kings and rulers

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