-- Final Orders --

Thursday April 4, 1861

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Fox Gets the Go-Ahead

On the afternoon of April 4, Lincoln called Fox to the White House and told him that he had "decided to let the expedition go." Fox pointed out that it might not be possible now to reach Fort Sumter in time. Lincoln replied that Fox would best fulfill his duty to his country "to make the attempt."

During the same afternoon, Lincoln was handed a letter from Major Anderson, dated April 1, estimating that at best he had rations to last "about a week longer"! Anderson, still expecting to be withdrawn, had not placed his command on short rations.

After taking leave of Fox, Lincoln immediately dispatched a reply to Anderson that a relief expedition "will go forward." He urged Anderson to hold out if possible until the arrival of the expedition, which he indicated would be "the 11th or 12th."


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