-- Initial Problems at Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens --

Problem 3

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Lincoln's Cabinet Responds

Lincoln received elaborate replies from his official advisers on March 15 and March 16. To see the advice he received, click on the three top pictures of cabinet members. These three positions are representative of the whole cabinet. If you wish to see the advice offered by the entire Lincoln cabinet, click on the four bottom pictures.

Lincoln's Advisers
Montgomery Blair William H. Seward Gideon Welles

Further Advice

Salmon P. Chase Simon Cameron Edward Bates Caleb B. Smith

Considering the information, the three likeliest courses of action available to Lincoln were: to adopt Fox's plan and relieve Sumter; to abandon Sumter; and to delay a final decision while collecting more information and awaiting events.

Place yourself in Lincoln's position. What policy would you choose and why? Would you:

  1. Use the Notebook to write a brief answer explaining your decision, or use a word processing program to write a full response. To see Lincoln's decision, click "What Lincoln Did."
  2. What Lincoln Did.

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