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The Uptown Gym - Reily Recreational Center

Our training room is used for many physical activities such as yoga, dance, kendo, judo, gymnastics etc.  Since it is shared by so many other users, it is not furnished or set up as a traditional dojo, and as such it lacks some of the "dojo atmosphere."  However, we feel very fortunate in that it is very large, well acclimatized, one of the walls is covered with mirrors and the  floor is polished wood built in a way that it gives on impact.  Its softness makes it easy on the joints during training.  There are judo/gymnastics mats that can be rolled and set up within minutes when we need to work on self defense or kata applications that involve falling and ground work.   Besides the directions and schematic below, you may also click Tulane Campus Map Printable Tulane Campus Map, or  Reily Center.

  Directions to Reily
Coming from the West:
1.  Take I-10E Exit to South Carrollton
2.  Follow S. Carrollton towards St. Charles (but do NOT reach it!!)
3.  Turn left on South Claiborne (this happens long before you
      would reach St. Charles; LEFT turn is actually forbidden, so
      you'll need to pass it, make a U-turn and then RIGHT on South
4.  Turn right on Broadway  (it's the first traffic light you'll meet on
      South Claiborne)
5.  Turn left on Willow  (1st traffic light on Broadway; see map)
6.  Turn left on McAlister drive; you will see Reily Center down the road

Coming from the East:

*Take I-10W Exit to South Claiborne

*Keep going on S.Claiborne till you reach Broadway

*Turn LEFT on  Broadway, then LEFT on Willow [see 5, 6 above]