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Memory Lane from most recent (2000) to the least recent (1975)

(hey, you got an old picture to send us?)



Anemone, Michelle, Eric, Shannon

Devin, Laura (half-seen), Nancy, Ian (half-seen), Edith, Tracy

Eric, Shannon, Eric, Ben, ? (half-seen)

Pedram, Bo, Sarah, Nancy



  Nina featured on Reily's brochure Aaron Hoopes in the All-South (1984?)




  Mr. Mikami teaching the Tulane P.E. karate class in 1975; from         the Jambalaya of the 1976 graduating class.  Bill Thornton    (bearded,  first from the right) came back to karate at LKA in         2001, after a  hiatus of ~25 years and got his black belt in 2003) 1976 club picture after winning our first team title.  A very young Mikami-sensei on the right.  Courtesy of Kevin Krowl (holding the team trophy).