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Authority record searching Retrieving bib records using a cross-reference
Authority record searching shortcut Creating authority records
Retrieving authority records Topical subject heading authority records

See also "Voyager Keyboard and Editing Tips."

  1. Authority record searching:

    See also "Authority record searching shortcut" and "Retrieving bib records using a cross-reference."

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  2. Authority record searching shortcut:

    If you have already called up a bib record and want to check authority records, particularly for series or names, there is a shortcut:

    This option will retrieve each authority record with a heading for which there is an exact match in the bib record.  (However, it will not pull up partial matches, which are often the best matches available for subject heading strings.  The authority validation process can be used to retrieve partial matches. [More on that process later ...])

    You may want to tile your records vertically to display both bib and authority records (depending on the number retrieved).

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  3. Retrieving authority records

    To retrieve an authority record from a headings list:


    • Click to highlight the line that indicates the authority record; then
    • Click the Authority button.

    • Right-click on the line to call up the authority record list.


    • Keep clicking to highlight and ok (or double-clicking) until you retrieve the authority record.  (If only one authority record includes a field corresponding to your heading, its entry will already be highlighted.)

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  4. Retrieving bib records using a cross-reference:

    (This technique is an equivalent of "search redirection" in NOTIS.)

    A search that you have done using a search type that includes authority records (see above, "Authority record searching") may retrieve only a reference, as indicated by "Reference" in the left-hand column and the lack of associated bib records ("0" in the "#" column).  If this occurs, to get to the heading form that you want and its associated bib records:

    • Right-click on the line — or highlight it and click on "Authority" — to retrieve a list of relevant authority records and references.

    • Highlight the "See" line.

    • Hit Enter or click on "Do search."

    • A new index should display, including the correct heading form, with its associated bib records (as well as another chance for access to the authority record).

      E.g.      A search on "marquez gabriel" pulls up a line

                              Reference      0      Márquez, Gabriel García, 1928-

                  If you right-click on this line, a box will come up with 2 lines:

                              Authority record
                              See:  García-Márquez, Gabriel, 1928-

                  If you highlight the 2nd line and hit Enter, a new headings list will come up, beginning:

                              Authorized      96      García-Márquez, Gabriel, 1928-

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  5. Creating authority records:

    Please note:  So far, we have not created special authority record templates or discussed authorities-related procedures in Voyager.

    Tips so far:

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  6. Topical subject heading authority records:  To verify whether geographic subdivision is valid for a topical heading:

    Check the authority record 008, under "Subdivision" — at the top left of the expanded 008.  (Without expanding the 008, the "i" code should show just to the right of the date at the beginning of the 008).

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