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  1. Introduction

    In the Cataloging Module, Voyager offers a multiplicity of types of searches, each with its particular uses, some with particular quirks.  This document surveys a number of the search types that we use more frequently, but it is not exhaustive.  (For a complete list, with explanations of each, you can consult the Voyager System Administration User's Guide, Appendix I, "Search Definition Tables.")

    To perform a search:  Either:

    Options for categories of searches:

    This document focuses primarily on non-keyword searches, with brief mentions of the other three categories.

  2. Non-keyword search: general:

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  3. Filtering searches:  The search filters that come up with certain types of searches are simply optional.

    If your search is ambiguous and the retrieval potentially voluminous -- as it may be with some subject heading searches -- you may prefer to filter your search to limit the number of records that you retrieve.

    E.g.      You want to search LC subject heading strings about rats.  Not certain which subdivision to use, you want to scan the options in the database.

    If you perform an unfiltered Staff Subject Headings Search using "Rats," the results will include MeSH headings and heading strings:

    Filtering your search to include only LC subject headings will give you a shorter list to scan:

    Otherwise, it may be safer not to filter your searches.  For example, a filter could prevent you from retrieving call numbers that are coded incorrectly or name headings that are tagged incorrectly.

    E.g.       Call no.:  852 8 0 ... DS 135 .A9 A36 1987

                 indexes only under "other" using the filters, not under "Library of Congress."

    E.g.       Name heading:  710 1 0 $a Feild, M. S.

                 indexes only under "corporate name" using the filters, not under "personal name."

    To filter:  In the "Heading Types Filter" box, click on the appropriate line.

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  4. Voyager record number search:

    See also:

    Voyager Bib Record Cataloguing:   Retrieving bib records
    Voyager MARC Holdings Record:   Retrieving holdings records
    Voyager Item Record:   Retrieving existing item records
    Voyager Authority Records:   Retrieving authority records

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  5. OCLC record number search:

    Listed in the search options list under "System Number (035a)."

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  6. NOTIS record number search:

    Listed in the search options list under "Original System Number (0359)."

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  7. LC Subject Heading searches:

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  8. Name heading searches:

    The "Staff Name Headings Search" and the "Names" search options differ in the same pattern as the Staff Subject Headings Search and searches beginning "Subject: ..."

    See also "Staff Name/Title Headings Search."

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  9. Title searches:

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  10. Series searches:

    The "Staff Title Headings Search" and "Staff Name/Title Headings Search" options can be used to retrieve both series bib records and series authority records.  (See also "Voyager Authority Records: Authority record searching shortcut.")

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  11. Keyword searching:

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  12. Searching for catalogued records:  Certain categories of catalogued records (e.g., by date, level of copy, and/or cataloguer) can be searched via the 948 field.  You could search any of the subfields, or more than one subfield together.

    General procedures:

    • Open the Search screen.

    • Click on the Keyword tab.

    • Select the "Free Text" option (click in the circle to its left)

    • Construct a search with each element of interest, preceded by a "plus" (+) sign.


    • Records catalogued for a given date:

      Day:  <yyyymmdd>      e.g.      +19990615

      Month:  <yyyymm?>      e.g.      +199908?

      (Note:  Prior to May 1999, the year in these dates was formatted with only two digits:

      Day:  <yymmdd>      e.g.      +980820

      Month:  <yymm?>      e.g.      +9811?)

    • Catalogued records with a given level of copy: the code for that level (e.g., +d)

    • Records catalogued by a particular person: the person's initials

    • Combination:  To search for Accept records catalogued during August 1999 by Olga:

      +199908? +a +otz

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  13. Search history

    If you want to return to any search that you have performed during a Voyager cataloging session, you can do so at the initial search box by clicking on the History tab.

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